Hogwarts Legacy – The Real Reason Why Headmaster Black Cancelled Quidditch Revealed!


The decision to eliminate the official wizarding sport wasn’t warmly accepted at Hogwarts as it is, but a hidden element in Hogwarts Legacy seems to illuminate Headmaster Black’s sinister motivations.

In the game, one of the first things players discover is that Headmaster Black has discontinued Quidditch for the school year.

However, it turns out that his decision isn’t only unpopular with the students but also generally dishonest.

After all, it is obvious that not even Black is comfortable with his feeble explanation of a student accident; he refuses to go into detail and even seems defensive when the topic is brought up, threatening to outright ban broom flying as well.

Fortunately, a tiny, obscure detail in Hogwarts Legacy reveals the actual reason Headmaster Black canceled Quidditch to keen-eyed players.

Harry Potter fans were surprised by the omission of the popular wizarding sport in the game, but narratively, it fits the Headmaster’s character wonderfully.

Although they are related, Phineas Nigellus Black and Sirius Black have quite different personalities.

The former is conceited, narcissistic, and horribly self-centered.

In fact, after learning the real reason Phineas Black discontinued Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy, it makes complete sense why Sirius asserted that his ancestor was the most despised Headmaster in the history of Hogwarts.

The Quidditch season for Hogwarts Legacy was really stopped due to an incident on the pitch, but a hidden message discovered in the Hospital Wing portrays the alleged injury as only a scapegoat for a much more sinister purpose.

Despite lines of information being censored, it is obvious that the nurse who authored the report found the occurrence puzzling given that the Quidditch player had just minor injuries.

She mentions that Headmaster Black was more worried about their pure-blood status, which suggests that this was the primary reason for the ban on the sport, which is even more strange.


Headmaster Black’s erroneous justification for calling off Quidditch is expected behavior from the Black family, who were notorious in Harry Potter for their fixation with riches and steadfast prejudice towards muggle-borns.

The circumstances of what occurred to the Quidditch player are still unknown, but they are ultimately irrelevant because it’s probable that even the most minor incidents would have sparked this response from Headmaster Black, who is fixated on upholding his family’s poisonous values of pure-blood dominance at all costs.

It’s hardly surprising that the man is quite disliked among the students at the school given his evident bias and pathetic attempts to conceal it.

The actual reason Headmaster Black abolished Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy was to uphold his family’s perverted ideals about pure-blood witches and wizards, despite his best efforts to look concerned about his pupils’ physical wellbeing.

With that being said, while it’s very likely Quidditch will be added to the game in a future DLC, that is sure to do very little as far as improving Headmaster Black’s reputation is concerned.

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