OnePlus Nord CE Leak Unveils the Key Specs of the Phone

OnePlus is preparing the release of two new smartphones from the sub-brand Nord, confirming once again that Chinese phone manufacturers have impressive plans up ahead. The two upcoming little beauties are known as OnePlus Nord CE 5G (Core Edition) and OnePlus Nord N200 5G.

As expected, OnePlus is stepping more into the 5G realm, and we are pretty impatient to find out exactly what the company has to offer next. Until that moment, we still have some valuable information revealed by

Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G enters the scene

The OnePlus Nord CE 5G (Core Edition) model will be equipped with some pretty impressive parts, according to a report from Android Central. The powerful Snapdragon 750G processor will be harnessing the rest of the hardware that we would like to know more about. A triple-camera setup equipped with a 64MP sensor will also be present. The 6.43-inch 90Hz OLED display is also worth mentioning.

OnePlus will announce the Nord CE 5G phone on June 10 for the European and Indian markets.

OnePlus Nord N200 5G: one of the cheapest 5G phones

With the future launch of the Nord N200 5G model, OnePlus will be competing with Samsung or Nokia for the title of the cheapest 5G phone on the market. Without knowing any exact details about the price, we could expect for OnePlus’ phone to cost somewhere between $200 and $500. Samsung A32 5G, for instance, is easily one of the cheapest 5G devices available on the market, as it costs only $209.98, according to It’ll be interesting to see if the Nord N200 5G model from OnePlus will be even cheaper.

OnePlus Nord N200 5G will be available only in the US and Canada, and we can’t wait to find out more about the device from future leaks.

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