No Hope for Men on Dating Apps? A Guy Speaks Out

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Guys have a much harder time finding a date online compared to the girls, or at least that’s what TikTok user Jeremy Cryer claims. He reveals the situation of his female coworker who matched with 39 guys just two days after she joined the Hinge dating app.

The man, who seems to be around his ’30s, said, as the New York Post quotes:

There’s no hope for men,

Do you realize for guys we have to wait, like, weeks to get likes, let alone a person that we are interested in to send us a ‘like’ … [or] when we send them a ‘like,’ for them to accept it?

He continues, as the same source quotes:

We’re, like, shooting a basketball in the dark,

Blindfolded, backwards, and hoping that it lands in a goal that’s almost smaller than the actual ball.


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There are a lot of people out there who believe that dating apps will sure bring the man or woman of their dreams right to their feet. But the reality is that these apps can also make the user go through some pretty exhausting and awful experiences, and not even considering the possibility of not getting matches fast.

Last year in November, we shared the news about a study that shows how dating apps can make couples divorce early. The research seems to confirm the usual flaws of human nature when using software for dating, such as the temptation to hide certain aspects while hiding behind an online profile.

We’re seriously interested to find out from our readers if what Jeremy Cryer says is true. Is it indeed that hard for men to get matches on dating apps? Are women indeed having a much easier time while searching for a life partner online? Feel free to leave us your opinion in the comment section!

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