New Pokemon Go Fairy-type Challenge Set to Arrive Soon – Launch Date, Features, and More

Niantic has just confirmed a new Pokemon Go challenge focused on Fairy-type ‘mon. The limited-time event comes in time to accompany the Luminous Legends X celebration.

The Fairy-type challenge is set to arrive this month (May). We should expect some of the coolest rewards and one of the toughest challenges.

Here is what you need to know.

Fairy-type Challenge Launch Date Details

The Fairy-type Challenge is currently underway in Pokemon Go. All the special rewards will be available only between May 11 at 10 AM and May 17 at 8 PM local time.

Fairy-type Challenge: Tips & Tricks

More information will be available as the event will fully kick in the game. As per Niantic’s announcement, when the global Pokemon Go community will catch 500 million Fairy-type ‘mon, the special rewards will activate. 

Some reports go further, claiming that the rewards will include 3X Catch XP. However, Niantic didn’t confirm a thing yet. 

It’s better if we take everything with a pinch of salt.

Track the challenge progress

Currently, there’s no available way to track the Fairy-type Challenge’s progress in the Global Challenge Arena.

But, Niantic offered some helpful information about how we can still do that. Following the official Twitter, @PokemonGoApp will give us enough details about the limited-time event.

Sylveon might appear

One of the fan favourites, Sylveon, is expected to join the Pokemon Go club. This ‘mon is the only member of the fox family that hasn’t yet made it into the game.

Considering the massive emphasis on Fairy-type Pokemon and the recent leaks and rumours, we can assume that Sylveon will finally arrive at Pokemon Go this month. For example, the creature’s silhouette can be spotted on the new loading screen.

More information about the Fairy-type Challenge, including special rewards and other Pokemon appearances and spawns, should be available in the coming weeks. 


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