EA SPORTS Starts Investigating Alleged FIFA 21 Black Market

FIFA 21 is in the middle of a scandal, as one of the EA SPORTS employees was supposedly caught selling FIFA 21 ICONs. Although the developers took some measures to ensure that trading beyond their own market wasn’t possible, there are some important things to clarify.

FIFA 21 was released last year in October, and it proved to the world that it is indeed very possible to exceed FIFA 20 in quality gameplay. Luckily enough, EA SPORTS is well-aware of the recent fuss, as you can see from the post below:

On their official blog, EA wrote:

Earlier this week, we were made aware of suspicious activity relating to highly rated content in FIFA Ultimate Team. We learned that FUT items were granted to individual accounts that did not earn them through gameplay.

It appears that one or more EA accounts, which were either compromised or being used inappropriately by someone within EA, directly entitled items to these individual accounts.

Otherwise, FIFA 21 will keep working on a wide list of platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition rocks!

You shouldn’t miss the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 21, as it includes 10 Rare Gold Packs, a local youth prospect with world-class potential named Career Mode Homegrown Talent, the Loan Item Kylian Mbappe for 5 FUT matches, Soundtrack Artist FUT Kits, Stadium Items, and more.

There’s no possible way you’ll get bored playing FIFA 21 as long as you like football simulation games! The latest iteration from the well-known FIFA series brings over 17,000 players, 700 teams in over 90 stadiums, and over 30 leagues from all around the world. There are plenty of game modes to choose from, as in the traditional FIFA games: Volta Football, Career Mode, Ultimate Team, and House Rules.

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