Microsoft Launches New Starfield Xbox Controller and Headset; Check Them Out Now


The new Starfield Xbox controller and headset are finally available, and they sure look like they’re going to be really cool! Microsoft has finally launched the gadgets, along with a surprise one, after the rumor mill stirred quite the buzz for months.

As you may know, the tech giant has its way with launching impressive limited-edition controllers for its Xbox game consoles. It’s already a tradition, in fact, since 2020, one that really makes us happy. So, the Starfield-branded Xbox controller is the most recent in a long series of unique controllers that the company has produced, and seeing it now released it’s incredible.

What are your thoughts about Microsoft’s controllers and other gadgets’ development so far? Would you do an upgrade to one of the devices?

As previously mentioned, Microsoft not only released a limited-time Starfield Xbox controller and headset. The collector’s edition of the game from Bethesda includes a unique timepiece with the Starfield brand on it as well. What’s best is that you may use the watch in the game as a cool compass or link it to your smartphone while also getting information about the planet’s ecosystem. Quite impressive, don’t you think?!

Now, going back to our matchy limited-edition gadgets, let’s delve into more details, including the price and design.

The Starfield-branded headset comes with a price tag of $124.99, while the Starfield controller is $79. The design of both the wireless headset and the controller is quite similar, but they definitely have some cool distinct elements you’re truly going to appreciate. Check them out below:

The Starfield-branded controller features quite the design that was inspired by components in Starfield. You can also spot the Starfield logo and the textured hand grips that are smoothly matched by the color scheme of the controller (grey and gold accents).

Stay tuned for more cool tech news soon!

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