Overwatch 2: Invasion – Release Date, New Hero, and Story Missions

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During the Xbox event, it was revealed that the story missions for Overwatch 2 would finally become available on August 10. Overwatch 2’s narrative will, at long last, get underway with the release of the new game, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about this development!

Overwatch has always had its way with the story missions. To recall, back in 2017, the game received its very first story mission, and it was somewhat of an impressive prologue, focusing on the circumstances that would eventually lead to the dissolution of the Overwatch organization. Feeling a bit nostalgic?

Flashbacks also played a role in the later events, Storm Rising and Retribution, which provided essential background information on characters like Cassidy, Jack Morrison (now known as Soldier: 76.), and Tracer.

We will, at long last, have the opportunity to learn more about the exciting adventures that the beloved characters of Overwatch are involved in. What are your thoughts about Overwatch 2: Invasion so far? Make sure you check out the official trailer below:

What to expect from Overwatch 2: Invasion’s story missions?

These new story missions will take advantage of the newest characters in the game and bring the best Overwatch narrative into the present day. When Sojourn was first introduced back in 2022, the devs said that the narrative of Overwatch 2 was intricately connected to her own narrative.

The trailer included hints about a new hero, in addition to all of the backstories that we will soon be available. For example, we can totally spot a female hero ascending into the sky while carrying an enormous rifle (that’s quite bold!), but it is so fleeting that it is easy to miss. This new hero will definitely be a support class and will be accessible when Overwatch 2: Invasion is released on August 10. So, stay tuned for more details soon as the official release is approaching!

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