Apple Vision Pro: the First AR Glasses by Apple Are Here


In Tim Cook’s words:

It’s the first Apple product you look through, and not at.

We finally get to meet Apple’s Vision Pro, the company’s first attempt at AR glasses! The tech giant’s new Apple Vision Pro augmented reality headset aims to smoothly combine the physical and virtual worlds. It runs on its own batteries and can be operated with your hands, eyes, and voice, just like the rumors said it would. The price will begin at $3,499, and it will be available early in the new year, initially in the US market, before expanding to other nations.

Vision Pro utilizes an M2, and it also has a brand-new chip known as the R1. Zeiss has developed magnetically attachable bespoke optical inserts for eyeglass lenses. A two-hour external battery and “supple woven cable” make it convenient to carry in a pocket, and it may also be plugged into an outlet for continuous usage. Apple says the screen’s resolution and ability to play 4K video will be revolutionary.

The EyeSight technology in the headgear will show off your eyeballs, and when you’re immersed in full virtual reality, a bright screen will hide them. Furthermore, by scanning your face, an electronic “persona” (essentially a hyperrealistic avatar) is produced. With this technology, you can observe the outside world in full color through passthrough video while simultaneously projecting 3D items into actual space or even physically extracting objects from a chat thread.

There are five sensors, twelve cameras, a 4K display for each eye, and a computer that is supposedly cooled by a fan housed in the headset’s glass-fronted aluminum frame. Apple claims the headset’s cloth-lined “Light Seal” mask and “Head Band” strap can adjust to a wide range of wearers’ facial and head dimensions thanks to its modular design. You may change the size and design of the ribbed band that goes around your head.

Even though it’s entering a market that hasn’t taken off yet, Vision Pro has received acclaim from industry insiders and is intended to be Tim Cook’s distinctive addition to the company’s product roster.

Georgia Nica
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