MacBook Pro (14-inch) M1 Receives a Huge $720 Discount

Credit: OWC

Regardless of how much of an Apple hater you might be, you certainly cannot deny the efficiency that a MacBook can have compared to a Windows-based laptop. The 14-inches MacBook Pro with the M1 Pro processor isn’t any exception, and it’s now the star of the show for good reasons.

Being forced to repair a MacBook at an official Apple service comes with the territory once you decide to buy such a laptop. But the advantages can certainly be very high. Having both the operating system and the hardware parts built by the same company is one huge advantage, and that’s set in stone in the case of MacBooks. The MacBook Pro (14-inch) M1 now receives a major discount compared to its normal price.

The MacBook Pro (14-inch) with the M1 Pro processor is only $1,679

A new offer coming from OWC lists the MacBook Pro (14-inch) laptop with the M1 Pro processor for just $1,679. The price represents a serious decrease from the usual price of $2,399. The deal surely represents a great opportunity to get your hands on the MacBook in question! The laptop also comes equipped with 32GB of RAM, which, let’s face it: means a lot even in 2023. Laptops carrying such a high amount of RAM are normally perfect for gaming, but we must not forget that many games that are available on Windows-based laptops won’t work on macOS.

The MacBook Pro (14-inch) with the M1 Pro was released back in late 2021, and it still remains one of the most interesting Apple laptops that exist on the market.

If you want to run games on your future MacBook, it’s best to keep in mind that there are plenty of interesting titles available for such laptops: Counter-Strike Global Offensive, StarCraft 2, Hearthstone, and many more.

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