Google’s Bard AI Will Arrive to Pixel Phones as A Homescreen Widget

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If you’re one of those who believe that the current AI chatbots are highly overrated, you should definitely bite your tongue! You wouldn’t want to upset many of those who are fanatics about ChatGPT or Google Bard. Now seriously, those chatbots are indeed overrated, but who cares about the truth anymore in this world?

As a response to the hegemony of OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI chatbot, which has been in the front-row news for a few months already, Google released the Bard software. The app of the Mountain View-based tech giant aims to be just as useful as ChatGPT for those who are willing to get their homework done or get answers to difficult questions about life. Could ChatGPT or Bard tell us the secret to immortality?

Bard AI will be available only for Pixel phones

9to5Google reveals that Google’s Bard AI will be running only on Pixel phones in the beginning, but that could later change. What’s for sure is that Bard will debut on Android-based devices. The same publication reveals that the AI software will be implemented on Google Pixel phones as a homescreen widget.

The idea is not bad for those who are into the AI chatbot frenzy. The Bard AI tool being available as a homescreen widget will grant quick access for those willing to use it.

However, plenty of unanswered questions remain for the moment, such as those regarding a possible release date for Google’s Bard AI for Pixel phones. We can realistically expect Google to shed light on the mystery at some point in the coming weeks, which means that keeping an eye on the latest news about the subject is practically mandatory.

It’s reasonable to assume that once you get your foot in the door as a new Google employee, you’re bombarded by an overwhelming enthusiasm about how smart and super advanced the Bard chatbot is. What is your opinion? Tell us in a comment below!

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