Level Up Faster in Pokemon Unite: Here’s How

Source: Nintendo / TiMi Studio

Pokemon Unite fans know how essential it is to level up and score many victories. That’s why learning how to do that faster is key!

With the right skills, strategies, you can easily reach maximum power to defeat your opponents. Pokemon Unite allows you to take your favorite Pokemon into 5v5 battles, take down Legendaries, and score points before time is up.

We’ve compiled a list of the best ways you can try to level up faster in Pokemon Go.

Get the Final Hit On An Opponent ‘mon

If you’re the one who deals the finishing blow, you’ll earn the most! You can try:

  • searching for a wild ‘mon
  • taking down the Pokemon entirely

Even if you play in a team, it’s essential to prioritize yourself to level up enough!

Source: The Pokemon Company

Defeat a Wild ‘mon

Probably the best method to level up fast and safe is defeating a wild Pokemon. But that’s also challenging.

Take the central lane in Remoat Stadium and search for weaker Pokemon to farm early on. Go south towards Drednaw, and you’ll find many Vespiquen, Audino, and Combee for a better EXP boost!

Use an EXP Share

Pokemon Unite comes with many Held Items that can boost up your performance in battle. That way, you can also target everything from attack to defense or movement speed.

The EXP Share, however, is somehow better because your ‘mon will get 2 EXP Points/s it spends as the teammate with the lowest EXP. And that’s not even the best part!

Upgrade your EXP Share and collect even more EXP. You can buy it from the Item Shop for 1,000 Aeos Coins/ 625 Aeos Tickets!

Source: The Pokemon Company

Score Points in the Enemy’s Goals

Winning a match in Pokemon Unite means you have to help your squad score more goals than your enemy, and that before the time runs out!

Luckily, there is another way to do that and get a small EXP all for yourself. All you have to do is to block your goals!

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