Whole Fat Is Just as Good as Low Fat Milk for Children

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The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has published a new milk-related study. Researchers investigated the effects and impact of whole fat dairy compared to the low-fat options in children ages 4 to 6. The current public health guideline recommends that children older than 2 consume low-fat dairy products. It seems that this new research, named the Milky Way Study proved that both types of milk and dairy products have the same impact on a healthy child’s body. 


More on the Milky Way Study


Researchers used 49 healthy children for the study; 47% of the research subjects were female, and the rest were male. All research subjects consumed whole milk and fat dairy products regularly. The experts allowed some children to continue with their whole fat dairy intake, while others began consuming low-fat products for three months. 


Results and conclusions 

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To determine and detect differences between the two study groups, researchers analyzed several factors such as adiposity, body composition, blood glucose, and many other health-related analyses. The results indicated that there were no changes in adiposity markers or in cardiometabolic disease risks. The conclusion is that healthy children can consume both types of dairy products without risking any cardiometabolic effects or triggering obesity. 


The study is helpful for parents


For those of us who follow the guidelines offered by health institutions and want to provide our children with the best products, this study makes our lives a lot easier. Many children prefer to consume whole-fat milk and dairy products, and parents can stop wasting their time checking the yogurt and milk bottles at the supermarket. According to health experts, children ages 4 to 8 need at 2.5 cups of daily products daily and the amount increases once the child grows older

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