League of Legends La Ilusión – Champions, Skins, and Price

Riot Games

Riot Games unveiled a new skin collection on September 12 called La Ilusión. This line draws its cues from the Mexican holiday known as Dia de los Muertos, often known as the Day of the Dead. The next patch for League of Legends will include these skins, and they will be included as a part of the Halloween skins that are already available in the game. Check out the official announcement below:

When Will League of Legends’ La Ilusión Skins Become Available to Purchase?

At the moment, each of these brand-new skins may be tried out on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) server for League of Legends. You have the option of logging into that testing server or waiting until they are made available on September 27, along with the release of LoL Patch 13.19.

With the exception of the Renata Glasc Prestige skin, which can be purchased right on the Mythic Shop for about 125 Mythic Essences, you can anticipate that each of these skins will sell for something like 1,350 RP.

Are you excited about the next League of Legends La Ilusión? What other things do you expect to see in the game?

The champions will each receive a skin from the La Ilusión set, along with one unique skin for a special champion from Riot Games. The following are the champions that’ll feature a skin:

  1. La Ilusión Draven
  2. La Ilusión Ziggs
  3. La Ilusión Renata Glasc
  4. La Ilusión Nidalee
  5. La Ilusión Gnar
  6. La Ilusión Qiyana
  7. La Ilusión Renata Glasc Prestige Edition

Unfortunately, Milio was not included in this skin line, although a number of people commented on how nicely he would have suited within this theme framework. What a shame, right?! It has also been suggested that these La Ilusión skins may appear in-game as part of a special event of some kind. Having said that, this information has not been verified as of yet.

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