7 Best YouTube App Alternatives for Android Only


The YouTube app is one of the most downloaded and frequently used apps available at the moment. It offers a one-of-a-kind watching experience by making it easy to access millions of different videos. However, the thing with YouTube is that it actually isn’t as nearly as wonderful as it might be since it’s missing several features that users really want to explore. For example, there is no possibility to have the videos play in the background, and you also are unable to generate a pop-up window so that you may multitask. And that’s such a shame.

That’s why we need YouTube app alternatives! We’ve come up with a sleek mini-guide on what are some of the best 7 YouTube alternatives for Android only.

Top YouTube Android Alternatives in 2023

1) TubeMate

The TubeMate app is fairly well known, and it features an easy-to-navigate user interface. You may download videos from various platforms, in addition to a wide variety of other video sites that support HTML5. That is very awesome!

2. SkyTube

As a result of the fact that SkyTube enables you to browse YouTube without to sign up for a YouTube account or Google, this software only provides read-only access to the video-sharing platform. And now, it is possible to ban videos that are not requested, which is a really nice new feature.

3. YT ReVanced

YouTube ReVanced is a free YouTube app that can be adjusted as you prefer. The app offers users features that are comparable to those found in the Vanced app, as well as additional modes. And one of the nicest things about it is that it includes all of the features that come with YouTube Premium!

4. NewPipe

The YouTube website URL source is gathered by NewPipe and then displayed in the form of an application. The finest feature of the application is that it may be utilized without making use of any Google API or the annoying Google Play Services.

5. VidMate

This alternative to YouTube features a user interface that is quite appealing, a large collection, and a number of different movie categories that you can watch for free!

6. OGYouTube

The OGYouTube app offers all of the fundamental features that were included in the first version of the YouTube app, plus additional features that will make watching videos much more enjoyable.

7. FlyTube

FlyTube is yet another inexpensive and cool alternative to YouTube that is capable of doing the majority of the job that the standard YT app is unable to accomplish. The support of Play Services is not required for the app to perform any of its functionalities. You are even able to sign in and tailor the playlist to your own tastes after you have done so.

What is your favorite YouTube-like app on your Android device, and why? Share your options with us in the comments section below!

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