Large 2022 RW Asteroid Will Come Close to Earth Very Soon

Source: Pixabay

The Universe is not acting very friendly toward us lately, and unfortunately, we have to take into account another asteroid of imposing size that will approach our planet soon enough. 2022 RW is the ‘wiseguy’ in question, and it shall pass by our planet TODAY, September 5, according to NASA’s tracker for space rocks.

The news is revealed by The Jerusalem Post, and the asteroid’s size is being compared to a superyacht. In other words, it’s large enough to cause some damage if it hits. The 2022 RW asteroid doesn’t come alone, though, as two other space rocks are joining the ride. But what’s frightening is that 2022 RW is significantly larger than the other two asteroids.

Nothing to worry about

2022 RW is not on a collision course with our planet, which means that we all still have a lot more time to achieve our goals in life or fail them all. The asteroid measures from 63 to 140 meters in its width. It’s surely not big enough to qualify as a ‘Chicxulub 2.0’ impactor, but it would still cause some significant damage if it lands in your town.

Just like any other asteroid out there, 2022 RW is also seriously in a hurry. The space rock reaches a stunning speed of over 40,000 kilometers per hour. That means 11.20 kilometers per second, to be more precise, as NASA reveals.

In a previous article published just a few days ago, our publication spoke about a new study revealing that a second giant asteroid might have collided with Earth after the dinosaurs went extinct. A recently discovered crater in the North Atlantic Ocean measuring about 8.5km wide is what gives researchers a lot to think about.

What’s terrifying is that some scientists believe that it’s only a matter of time until an asteroid as large as the one that killed the dinosaurs will visit our planet again someday. Hopefully, humanity will be prepared.


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