“Kromlech,” a Dark Fantasy Action Game, is Coming to the PC

Credit: Steam

Many years ago, the gods crafted the intricate tapestry of our world, a testament to their divine artistry. As for now, that ancient era is almost completely gone. Guided and shielded by the gods, our civilization flourished and thrived during the glorious Golden Age. Alas, this era of prosperity was not destined to endure. The ravaging flames of war ravaged the land, leaving behind a wake of chaos and destruction. In this time of turmoil, darkness took root within the hearts of many, and families were torn apart by the swords of their own kin.

That’s pretty much what the upcoming “Kromlech” dark fantasy action-adventure game is all about. If we’ve already caught your attention, that means that you should keep reading! “Kromlech” is one of the few games that looks incredibly realistic, as even the facial expressions of the characters look very real.

“Kromlech” will be available via Steam for the PC in 2024

Without having a precise release date so far, we know for sure that “Kromlech” will be up for grabs next year for those who prefer their gaming on the PC. You’ll have the chance to get the game from the famous Steam platform, but beware: the system requirements won’t go easy on your hardware!

Here’s a press release statement quoted by Jonas Ek via EGG:

The Ostrava-based (Czech Republic) indie games developer Perun Creative today announced with great joy and thrill that their dark fantasy action-adventure game “Kromlech”, is coming to PC via Steam in 2024.

No system requirements have been published on the game’s Steam page so far, but the trailer is enough to realize that you’ll need a powerful graphics card, along with a capable processor and probably over 16 gigs of RAM, to run “Kromlech” smoothly at its high graphical settings.

Do you think you have what it takes to join the battles in “Kromlech”?

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