Android 14 Will Feature Battery Health Checker

Credit: Unsplash

Checking the health of your phone’s battery at least once in a while is a very important task, and it’s nice to see that Google hasn’t forgotten about it. Since the Android 14 version is on its way to the world, it’s in the best interest of the Mountain View-based tech giant to make it as good and reliable as possible.

The final Android 14 release will also bring a dedicated battery health checker for smartphones and tablets running on Google’s operating system. The information is provided by Mishaal Rahman, a developer. He wrote in a tweet:

I bought a used Pixel 7 Pro recently and thought it was a shame that Google’s battery health feature hasn’t been released.

It’d be nice to see how many charge cycles it’s had or the estimated % of its original capacity. Fortunately, Google’s made it possible in Android 14!

According to NextPit, Mishaal Rahman has also discovered a series of system and public APIs that Google has integrated into the current beta version of the Android 14 OS. The APIs offer a range of functionalities, such as comprehensive reports on the status of the battery of the device. Users will have access to very important information, such as the manufacturing date and charge count. Thus, they’ll get insights into the overall condition of their battery. Furthermore, a notable feature similar to what iOS offers will be implemented, displaying the battery health as a percentage and providing users with real-time data on the remaining capacity of their battery within the system.

Google will most probably add the final Android 14 update for some of its Pixel phones at first, while those using smartphones from other brands that also run on Android will likely get the update at a later date. We can realistically assume that the first phones getting the final Android 14 release will be those from the Pixel 7 series.

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