Kingdom Of Centralization: ECB Plans To Roll Out Digital Euro – CBDC To Start In 2025

The subject of CBDCs has been on the lips of a lot of people so far, and the moves that authorities are making in this direction confirm all fears. Here’s what you need to know about the latest reports regarding a potential rollout of CBDCs.

CBDCs to start rolling out in 2025

Here is a relevant post on X, addressing the development of a digital Euro:

You can check out the official data that will definitely blow your mind here. 

The financial giant, BlackRock comes into the picture as well, just as expected:

Not too long ago, BlackRock made sure to reveal some pretty interesting thoughts on Bitcoin.

It seems that the largest asset manager in the world has some pretty massive things to say about Bitcoin these days. For some, this might come as a surprise, considering the fact that they used to disagree on the importance of BTC.

BlackRock on Bitcoin

BlackRock says that Bitcoin is creating a “global internet of value.”

Stay tuned for more reports in order to see where things are headed regarding the implementation of CBDCs.

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