Dragon Ball Super’s Cover Art With the Heeters Outlines the Possible New Major Arc

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The writers of the Dragon Ball Super manga continue to have some strong aces up their sleeves. The story continues in a very exciting and surprising way, which is something usual for the Dragon Ball universe.

We spoke in a previous article about how Goku and Vegeta had been dealing with Granolah, the alien eager to avenge his fallen race. After long and devastating fights, the Cerelian finally realized that the Saiyans aren’t to blame for the death of his mother.

Therefore, eyes are now set on a new villain: Gas, a member of the Heeters. We’re talking about the same race that employed Granolah as a bounty hunter. Ironically, these beasts seem to be the ones responsible for the death of the Cerelian’s mother. The stage seems set for another major arc in the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Gas is the strongest in the Universe

Gas has become the strongest being in the Universe after he required likewise from the Eternal Dragon. That means that he may be even stronger than Goku and Vegeta.

There’s a new cover art showcasing the Heeters, and you can see it on ComicBook.com here!

Both Goku and Vegeta had gone a long road and became stronger than anyone would have even dared to hope, including themselves. The ultimate transformations of the beloved Saiyans are Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego, respectively. These forms are light-years stronger than the Super Saiyan Blue technique, not to mention the classical Super Saiyan with gold hair. It’s interesting to see how our heroes will be able to deal with Gas now that he’s become the strongest fighter. Our guess is that even fighters so strong as Goku and Vegeta will need some serious backup. Granolah is on their side, and there are strong reasons to believe that Frieza will also embark on the fight. The former intergalactic tyrant is on Gas’ hit list.

What do you think? Feel free to tell us what do you expect from the future of Dragon Ball Super!

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