iPhone 16 Pro: Bigger Display and Periscope Lens Could Totally Become a Thing

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What would it be like not to have an Apple rumor a day? Pretty bad, right?! Luckily, we have plenty, and today it’s about the future iPhone, more specifically, the iPhone 16 Pro series. Yes, that’s right, iPhone 16! Obviously, we have to wait for like a year to see that happen, but here’s the rumor mill doing what it knows best: spreading the wildest rumors. However, this time around, the reputable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has entered the chat!

Later this year, the tech giant based in Cupertino will welcome once again a new iPhone lineup, including the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max. The event is already stirring quite the buzz among fans, but there are some things we need to discuss first. And even if we can’t know for sure, we may rely on a rumor or two once in a while. For example, the screen sizes of the next iPhones are said to be the same. We’ll obviously get a fresh design, so don’t worry about that.

Now, discussing the Pro matter, several reports claimed that the 15 Pro Max model will be the only one to receive a periscope lens for improved optical zoom at the same time. Well, isn’t that impressive?! How about the other Pro model?

Unfortunately, we won’t get to see a periscope lens on an iPhone 15 Pro. However, that’s where the recent rumor kicks in! According to Kuo, the iPhone 16 Pro would actually be the one (alongside its fellow 16 Pro Max) to feature a periscope lens. Such a thing shouldn’t be surprising at all, though, because we know Apple likes to take things easy.

What are your thoughts so far about the future iPhone 16 lineup?

According to Kuo, Apple has already decided to include the periscope lens on the iPhone 16 Pro model. Also, Kuo learned that the iPhone 16 Pro would also have a somewhat bigger display. As a result, the tech giant will be able to accommodate the periscope lens on both versions instead of only the Pro Max.

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