How to Lock Your Conversations on WhatsApp and Get More Privacy?

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WhatsApp has rolled out a fresh update that allows you to lock your conversations and get more privacy! Well, that’s impressive! In order to make it simpler to keep chats more private, the social platform is launching a new “Chat Lock” function.

How does the Chat Lock feature work? You can choose to lock your conversations on WhatsApp, and then everything will be stored in a special folder that is password-/biometrics-protected. What’s best is that you won’t get any notifications from those locked conversations!

Now, comparing apples to pears, Chat Lock seems a bit like Apple’s hidden photo setting for iCloud.

WhatsApp’s Chat Lock Feature Explained

Here’s where the new Chat Lock feature really shines. If sharing your unlocked phone with others it’s a thing you do, but it does bother you, then the Chat Lock will definitely help you! The feature comes with an additional degree of security that can make you feel a bit more at ease. All you have to do is to completely lock WhatsApp behind biometric authentication, and you won’t be troubled any more!

Meta released a statement discussing the future of WhatsApp:

We’re going to be adding more options for Chat Lock, including locking for companion devices and creating a custom password for your chats so that you can use a unique password different from your phone’s.

What are your thoughts so far about the way WhatsApp improves security matters?

Check out the video below to see WhatsApp’s Chat Lock feature:

There will certainly be more security and privacy updates in the future, but now we can all enjoy the new Chat Lock feature because it is now being rolled out on supported devices. Even though WhatsApp has a reputation when it comes to end-to-end encryption, there are still some matters that need to be discussed in the future.

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