iPhone 15 Could Feature Vision Pro Support via Upgraded Ultra Wideband UWB Chip

Photo by Ameen ALmayuf on Unsplash

Ming-Chi Kuo, a reputable Apple analyst, has released quite the statement in which he details the tech giant based in Cupertino‘s intentions to further integrate the iPhone with the Vision Pro ecosystem, beginning with the iPhone 15 that will be released later this year. So, what are the chances to actually see that happening?

As part of Apple’s plan to develop a competitive environment around Vision Pro, Kuo adds that the company would do something perceived as “aggressively upgrade hardware specifications” of the iPhone. This month, the tech giant announced its first VR/AR glasses at WWDC23. The release date was given as “early 2024.”

But here’s the catch! Apple has not provided any precise specifics regarding the type of hardware that is contained within the Vision Pro headset as of yet. It’s somehow hard to picture more stuff happening based on recent reports. However, thanks to people like Kuo, we can have a glimpse of what’s coming.

This is what Kuo had to say:

iPhone 15 will likely see a specification upgrade of UWB, with the production process moving from 16nm to a more advanced 7nm, allowing for improved performance or reduced power consumption for nearby Interactions.

It has been suggested that the initial step in this procedure will be to upgrade the Ultra Wideband chip for the iPhone 15. Apple presently refers to the Ultra Wideband semiconductor that will be used in the iPhone 15 as the U1 chip, but Kuo claims that a newer, improved version of the chip will be used in the iPhone 15 to make it more efficient and dependable.

Wi-Fi 7 is Going to Be Integrated into the iPhone 16

The next-gen Wi-Fi 7, which promises a significant increase in both the transfer rates and the data throughput of the technology, is said to be featured on iPhone 16. The advantages that Wi-Fi 7 will provide for the development of virtual and augmented reality technologies are a lot! According to Kuo, Apple’s iPhone 16 would reportedly be the company’s first iPhone to support the Wi-Fi 7 technology when it is released.


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