Apple’s Cheaper Vision Pro Might Debut by the End of 2025


According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple still has plans to release a cheaper version of its Vision Pro headset by the end of 2025. The non-Pro variant is expected to be branded “Apple Vision One,” or more simply, “Apple Vision.” It seems like the tech giant based in Cupertino has read our minds.

Gurman hypothesizes that Apple might replace the dual 4K microLED screens and M2 Apple silicon processor with cheaper alternative components, as well as utilize fewer cameras, in order to bring the price of the Vision Pro down to or closer to the cost of producing it. This is based on the fact that its price, $3,499, is considered to be at or near the cost of producing it. He also addressed how the company is already working on a cheaper version of its headset, which indicates that it is pursuing a two-product approach, similar to how it offers a normal iPhone in addition to an iPhone Pro.

What are your thoughts so far about Apple’s Vision Pro? Is the new gadget on your wishlist this year?

Gurman believes that if Apple were to optimize its production process and achieve lower material prices in other areas, it would be possible to cut the gadget’s price by several hundred dollars. But would it be enough to bring the price down to a more reasonable level?

Apple clearly regards the Eyesight feature as a key differentiator from enclosed AR/VR headsets, and it has all the reasons to do that. Allowing users to feel like they remain in touch with other people as a feature is really something immersive.

The tech giant’s goal to create a two-tiered headset category lineup by the end of 2025 was reportedly something that was mentioned by industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo as well. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed that we’re really going to see that happen!

Georgia Nica
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