Instagram Will Inform Content Creators Why Nobody is Viewing Their Posts


Instagram gives everybody a chance to share interesting content with the world, but not everybody qualifies. And being an artist is no guarantee that you can provide high-quality content to others.

Content creators will now understand in a better way how their stuff is being perceived by others and how Instagram will manage that content. Not all content will get to appear in the Explore section, but users who create it will get notified if it doesn’t happen.

Keep an eye on the Account Status!

The Account Status on Instagram will let users know if their posts can be recommended to others. In the same area, they can find out if some parts of the internet have blocked them from showing their content.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, spoke on Twitter about the so-called Account Status Update, writing:

We’re expanding Account Status so professional accounts can understand if their content may be eligible to be recommended to non-followers.

Here’s how to get to it: Profile -> Menu -> Settings -> Account -> Account Status

Feel free to hear Mosseri speak more regarding the new changes to the Meta-owned platform:

Adam Mosseri also explains in the video:

And you have historically been able to see any photos and videos that you’ve posted that have been taken down because they violate our community standards, or community guidelines. What we’ve added is also whether or not your account can be recommended in places like Explore, because if you have posted things that have violate our recommendability guidelines, or recommendation guidelines, which are different, you can end up in a state where your content won’t be recommended.

Instagram has more than a billion users that are active every month, which means that it’s in the best interest of Meta to try to provide permanent quality for those folks.

Cristian Antonescu
Cristian is in love with technology, as are many of us. He has a vast experience as a content writer in the field. He's involved especially in the hardware area, where he covers the latest news regarding smartphones, laptops, PC components, and so on.