In One Convenient Package, Samsung’s Smartthings Station Serves Multiple Purposes

Credit: Samsung

The new Samsung SmartThings Station may serve as the nerve center for your whole smart home. It can charge Qi-enabled devices and acts as a hub, or as a button, or as both. Keep in mind that this works with the Matter protocol, which has seen widespread adoption in the smart home sector; it helped bring together Samsung’s and Google’s ecosystems, and even Apple included Matter compatibility in iOS 16.1.

The SmartThings Station is designed to serve as a hub for all of your connected home devices, regardless of the protocol they happen to utilize. This feature allows you to manage them from anywhere in the world, using just your mobile device.

The Station itself serves as a remote, allowing you to activate scenes with a single, double, or extended push. It can, for instance, turn off the lights and power certain gadgets when you leave the house and turn them again on when you return. It may activate “Game mode” on your television and “Do Not Disturb” on your phone. As bedtime approaches, it may also dim the lights and shut the drapes.

The SmartThings Find system is also compatible with the Station. Because it never leaves the house, it can monitor your registered devices and tell you when they enter and exit the house. Your own electronic devices, as well as any other items you may have with a Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag+ connected, will be tracked in this way. SmartThings Find is rapidly expanding, with 200 million devices being registered on the network.

To sum it all up, the Station can power up any Qi-enabled gadget, including your phone, watch, and headphones. This is a smart feature since you’ll want the charging station to be in an accessible area so you can easily activate its button. There will be a notice for you to come and receive it once the charge is complete.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.