This $1,699 Grimlock Transformers Robot is Definitely a State of Art


Who doesn’t love robots?! I mean, there’s the Transformers franchise, which, no matter how many times you watch it, never fails to leave you speechless and in amazement. But do you remember back in 2021, when Robosen and Hasbro blew people’s minds by unveiling a robotic Optimus Prime that cost $700 and could morph from the commander of the Autobots into a Freightliner truck on its own? Get ready, for here comes the newest team member: Grimlock!

After two years, Optimus has finally acquired some backup in the shape of a robotic version of Grimlock that changes in a manner that is virtually identical to that of the original. That is very awesome to hear. Continue reading down below.

Grimlock, a Robotic Masterpiece of $1,699

It turns out that Robosen wasn’t quite done when it came to blowing the minds of those of us who grew up in the 1980s interacting with the very first G1 Transformers toys. The company released a new line of Transformers toys. These kinds of advancements are without a doubt remarkable, despite the fact that their prices are rather inflated. So, how about seeing more of that?!

Robosen has created a number of new robotic toys since the introduction of Optimus Prime. These include robots that morph into Bumblebees, an attachment that transforms into a trailer that can be used while Prime is in truck mode, and an outstanding Buzz Lightyear. Unfortunately, neither of those could switch between different forms or modes of their own accord. So, we can probably understand the recent buzz with Grimlock.

Grimlock, the product of the newest partnership between the corporation and Hasbro, was eventually unveiled after having been in development for three years. Now, in some strange way, it makes the changing Optimus Prime robot, which is only two years old, appear to be ancient.

Georgia Nica
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