Huge Hint That the Announcement for “Dragon Ball Super: Season 2” is Coming Soon

Credit:, Carlos Hilario

The first season of the Dragon Ball Super anime ended in March 2018 in great glory. The show left so many exciting possible scenarios happening in a future season. Every Dragon Ball fan wonders what will happen with Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Master Roshi, and all of the other characters.

Season 2 of the Dragon Ball Super anime will likely follow the adventures of the manga, which is great news for the fans. There’s so much exciting stuff happening there, with two major villains already presented: Moro and Granolah.

Season 2 of Dragon Ball Super could be announced in October

According to International Business Times, there’s a strong hint that Season 2 of Dragon Ball Super will be announced on October 7.

Industry insider Ken Xyro wrote something that made some Dragon Ball fans go wild:

While everybody knows by now about the upcoming movie, that “and possibly more” is the hint in question that the post could be referring to Season 2 of the Dragon Ball Super anime.

The upcoming movie “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” will present some advanced graphics even for Dragon Ball, and it will surely bring some exciting new action to the franchise. There’s not much official info available about the movie, but we’ve made a list of possible plots that we might see.

As for the Season 2 of the Dragon Ball Super anime, it can surely bring some high-quality script. Vegeta seems closer than ever to surpass Goku, and the Saiyan Prince has a lot of powerful techniques to impress with. Whether we’re talking about Spirit Fission or Ultra Ego, we can’t wait to see Vegeta in action and competing with Goku once again.

We’re even confident in a new confrontation between Goku in Vegeta for Season 2 of the Dragon Ball Super anime, but only time will tell for sure.

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