GTA Online: New Stunt Races Become Available – Watch Trailer

If you’re deep into stunt races like most of us when it comes to the online mode of GTA V (aka GTA Online), it means that you’ll definitely be happy about what Rockstar Games has prepared for us. New stunt races became available in the game, and it’s best to check your copy of GTA 5 right away!

GTA Online remains highly popular even at so many years since the release of the fifth main instalment of the legendary Grand Theft Auto series. With GTA 6 in the works by Rockstar, GTA 5 still has a lot to offer!

8 new death-defying tracks

The new stunt races in GTA Online will defy both death and the laws of physics! There’s even a trailer available that’s showcasing the upcoming races, and you can see it below:

The description is relevant enough:

Buckle up, strap in, and put your helmet on – there’s eight new Stunt Races now in GTA Online. Whether you prefer to be a part of a blur of tuned-up sports cars rocketing past on the freeway, motorbikes hurtling at full tilt, or supercars pushing the physical envelope in gravity-defying courses, these brand-new tracks have a little bit of something for the adrenaline junkie lurking within all of us.

As Rockstar announced on its website, you’ll get a GTA$1000,000 bonus and a Canis American Legend T-Shirt if you complete any of the new stunt races until June 2nd. Furthermore, all of the stunt race competitions will have a healthy payday when it comes to any new or classic Stunt Race.

We’re curiously trying to anticipate what could the upcoming GTA 6 bring that can possibly surpass its predecessor. GTA 5 is in the top 3 best selling games of all time, and for good reasons. The Grand Theft Auto series pretty much reached its pinnacle with the fifth main instalment, according to most of the fans. However, it’s always room for more when it comes to gaming.

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