Google Wallet’s New Update Brings Powerful Features

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Even since it was released, it became clear that the Google Wallet app will attract users like a magnet. The advantages of using a virtual wallet rather than a physically bulky one that barely fits in your pocket are obvious. It can be much harder for a thief to steal your money, for instance.

According to XDA, Google Wallet has introduced new features that aim to make your physical wallet lighter. The app now allows its users to store various types of passes, club cards, gym memberships, and even random cards with barcodes or QR codes. By taking a photo of these cards, Google Wallet will be able to create a secure digital version for easy access.

Google teams up with Humana

Google has also partnered with Humana to offer a digital version of health insurance cards, giving users convenient access to their insurance information. Digital ID support also represents a significant feature, starting with those who live in the American state of Maryland being able to save their IDs and driver’s licenses to Google Wallet. This feature will also allow them to use their digital IDs in TSA PreCheck lines at select airports.

Let’s also not forget about the support for corporate badges, transit passes in more countries, as well as the integration with the Messages app for importing boarding passes as also being part of the new updates for the Google Wallet app.

Google Wallet’s description via the Google Play Store is very relevant:

Google Wallet gives you fast, secure access to your everyday essentials. Tap to pay everywhere Google Pay is accepted, board a flight, go to a movie, and more – all with just your phone. Keep everything protected in one place, no matter where you go.

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