Google Maps (Wear OS) 11.85.0503.W APK Update Becomes Available

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Who doesn’t want to have the famous Google Maps app directly on the wrist? Why bother bringing out the smartphone and carrying it around with you? You’d never know when that phone can slip from your hands and break! Guess what? That’s where Wear OS-based devices come in handy.

As you’ve already figured out, we’re talking about Google Maps running on smartwatches. The app has now been updated to version 11.85.0503.W, and it comes along with some interesting changes. Keep reading to find out!

What’s new in Google Maps (Wear OS) 11.85.0503.W

The new update for the smartwatch version of Google Maps adds bug fixes and new places to visit for the user. We all know that Google Maps couldn’t possibly exist without regular updates, as around the world, society is charging. In other words, new restaurants, bars, or libraries open while some of the old ones disappear. Therefore, the Google Maps app needs to be updated.

The patch notes don’t go into much detail when it comes to what’s new in the Google Maps 11.85.0503.W update for Wear OS, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth finding out.

With Google Maps, you can discover new places and venues. You can use the app to find out about new restaurants in that cool new city where you want to spend your vacation, for instance! You can also use the app to find out the quickest route to your new workplace as you travel by car or even by foot.

To get your hands on the new Google Maps update for Wear OS-based smartwatches, your device needs to run on at least Android 11. The update is available as a simple APK file that will occupy only 20MP.

What’s your take on the new update for the Google Maps app? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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