Skyrim’s Battle for Whiterun: How to Win the Battle and Protect Whiterun

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The events of the Skyrim Civil War begin when the player chooses to become a member of either the Imperial Legion or the Stormcloaks. Afterward, both factions make an effort to win control of the Jagged Crown. The mission “The Jagged Crown” is nearly similar for Stormcloaks and the Legion. Still, the following main quest, “The Battle for Whiterun,” has a dramatically different outcome regardless of whether the player is on the Stormcloaks or the Legion side.

We’ve put up a handy little guide with hints and strategies on how to prevail in the conflict over Whiterun and other helpful things. Have a look at it down below!

Message To Whiterun

Before engaging in combat, you must finish a side mission dubbed “Message to Whiterun.” The mission’s name is identical for both groups, although the specifics are considerably distinct.

Here’s everything you need to know!

The players representing the Empire have been tasked with delivering a letter sent by General Tullius to Jarl Balgruuf. In the letter, Balgruuf is warned that Ulfric is making preparations to travel west and conquer Whiterun in either a friendly or hostile manner. Balgruuf remained impartial throughout the conflict; now, with Ulfric on the move, he is forced to pick a side. In order to do this, he asks the Dragonborn to deliver his axe to Ulfric. It is possible that this will be the first and only opportunity for an Imperial player to speak with Ulfric in person, as he is currently located at the Palace of the Kings in Windhelm. Take note that players will not be assaulted for wearing Imperial clothing in Windhelm if they do so.

It is necessary to return to Whiterun and have another conversation with Jarl Balgruuf in order to finish the quest. You may find him next to the battle map that is located up the stairs beside the throne in Dragonsreach. It is obvious from his newly acquired buddy that he is supporting the Empire in this conflict.

Note that in order for the side quest “Battle for Whiterun” to advance, the main mission must first be completed and no longer require anything from the town. Because of this, you won’t be able to deliver either letter to Balgruuf until either after they had defeated the dragon that was threatening the village in “Dragon Rising” or when a dragon is being kept prisoner in Dragonsreach.

How to Ensure the Safety of Whiterun

After making your way back to Dragonsreach and having a conversation with Balgruuf, the Imperial rendition of “Battle for Whiterun” will start immediately. After speaking with Balgruuf, you are required to meet with Legate Cipius, and the legate will instruct the Dragonborn to immediately proceed to the doors of Whiterun in order to protect the city from the Stormcloak army that is closing in on it.

You will have to exit Whiterun by the main entrance and then make a beeline towards the gatehouse as Legate Rikke is giving a lecture to her troops. Unfortunately, quick travel will not work during this scene, so you will have to do so manually. As soon as she is finished, the attack by the Stormcloaks will commence.

The “Battle for Whiterun” task will instruct players to defend the barrier against Stormcloak warriors. However, the barricade is composed of wood and will fall apart in a short amount of time if it takes even a few blows from melee or range weapons. In the event that the drawbridge collapses, you will be tasked with defending the main entrance of Whiterun.

You can really just hide in a corner, and eventually, the Whiterun and Imperial Guards that keep respawning will take out enough Stormcloaks to finish the task for you. Nevertheless, engaging in actual battle will increase fighting skill experience and lead the quest to a far quicker conclusion.

As soon as the Imperial side has defeated a sufficient number of Stormcloaks, anywhere between 40 and 50, the surviving Stormcloaks will flee. After then, you have the option of either staying outside to hear Jarl Balgruuf’s lecture and then talking to him or going inside to complete this mission sooner. In either case, the next thing for Imperial players to do is to make their way back to Solitude and present themselves to General Tullius.

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