GitHub 1.115.1 APK Update Adds Productivity Fixes

GitHub remains a reliable and powerful tool for millions of web developers and programmers out there who decide to work on a project with their co-workers and friends. The app is getting even better thanks to the new 1.115.1 update that just arrived in the form of a simple APK file.

The new update is available for all of those who have at least Android 8 installed on their smartphones. That’s right, the famous collaboration app is available even on the smaller displays. You may never know when you’re on the go and it becomes urgent to edit a line of code or send a file to your friend. Therefore, GitHub for mobile devices can be extremely useful.

What’s new in GitHub 1.115.1

GitHub users will now experience improved functionality when navigating to filtered issues from repository links, as the filters will correctly persist. The new update also addresses and solves the issue of incorrect rendering of syntax highlighting and indentation for specific types of code lines. Users can now expect an accurate representation of these elements.

GitHub, which remains a widely recognized platform, serves as a hosting hub for numerous open-source software development ventures. Notably, as of January 2023, GitHub proudly announced an incredible count of over 100 million active developers actively engaged in leveraging its services. Furthermore, the platform houses an expansive repository collection, and it boasts a remarkable figure of more than 372 million repositories. Among this huge assortment, an impressive count of at least 28 million repositories are publicly accessible, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

If you’re still not convinced about how powerful GitHub can be as a mobile app, let’s consider the notifications function. In other words, users can stay informed about project updates, such as pull requests, issues, and discussions, through push notifications appearing on their smartphones.

Solidifying its dominance in the field, GitHub stands tall as the largest and most influential source code host.


Cristian Antonescu
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