Cruise Pros and Cons: Download the New Android App Now!


Cruise is finally on Android and is definitely something to be impressed with! The app for their self-driving taxis will include all of the upgrades that the iOS app has received since it was first released, allowing for a greater number of people to benefit from it.

The business that develops self-driving cars has reported that twenty percent of the individuals on its waitlist are using Android (can you believe it?!), and the availability of an app for the platform is one of the most often requested updates on social media. And do you know what’s one of the best features Cruise is offering on Android? Just by holding down on the screen for an extended period of time, you will be able to drop a pin on the map that is movable. How incredibly awesome is that?!

Take a look below to see Cruise in action:


FACT: Passengers with Android phones who become power users or customers who join up to test beta features and to give feedback to Cruise for free trips will be able to hail daytime rides. This is a pretty intriguing feature, one that will really boost most users’ experience!

The business began providing services around the clock, seven days a week, in every neighborhood in San Francisco. For a number of months, employees have been able to hail robotaxi trips from anywhere in the city, at any time of day or night. However, in April, Cruise began offering daytime rides to members of the public who are considered to be “power users” in certain areas of the city.

What are your thoughts about Cruise so far? What do you think are the cons of using Cruise?

According to statements made by Cruise’s CEO, Kyle Vogt, the company will soon “open up full operations in other cities,” which is just marvelous! He stated that “operating robotaxis in San Francisco has become a litmus test for business viability,” and that if the technology is successful there, “there’s little doubt it can work just about everywhere.”

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