Galaxy Z Flip 5’s Design Leaks Show Incredible Outer Display

Credit: @OnLeaks/ MediaPeanut

The improvement that we’ve all been waiting for, wait for it…a large outside display, is highly expected to finally arrive with the Galaxy Z Flip 5! And what’s best is that we can now get a glimpse at how that exterior display will actually look like, all thanks to some sleek new Galaxy Z Flip 5’s renderings.

Thanks to sources @OnLeaks and MediaPeanut’s recent CAD-based renderings of the Galaxy Z Flip 5, we can totally see the phone in all its glory. The device’s large cover display is definitely stealing the spotlight, as you can see below:

Credit: @OnLeaks/ MediaPeanut
Credit: @OnLeaks/ MediaPeanut

What are your thoughts on the next-gen Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5?

The renderings give us a glimpse into the display, and we can totally notice how the screen occupies the bulk of the phone’s outside surface and slopes down slightly to perfectly meet the camera bumps. Quite impressive, isn’t it?! Its odd form is best nuanced as an upside-down folder shape. This design is definitely going to win big time when it’ll finally launches!

Just imagine the buzz is going to stir amongst its rivals. Samsung is clearly listening to its users and is coming up with the best design so far for the Galaxy Z Flip series.

Now, going back to the renders. Regardless of Galaxy Z Flip 5’s shape, this significantly represents a major improvement over earlier designs. Which Galaxy Z Flip was your favorite? For example, compared to the tiny panel used in the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Flip 4, the future display, which is expected to be approximately 3.4 inches, is way bigger!

While that could turn out to be really useful, those displays are somehow severely limited when it comes to what a user could do without opening the device. Although it is still unknown whether Samsung will allow full apps to run on the external display, there are still a ton of opportunities to take into account.

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