Get Ready For a Hogwarts Legacy Surprise – Here’s What You Should Know

Credit: Hogwarts Legacy

Great news for Hogwarts Legacy players! This week, Hogwarts Legacy will offer something really cool to all players, and it is just in time for the game’s May 5 release on the PS4 and Xbox One. Are you excited about Hogwarts Legacy’s surprise?

The Twitch Drops are back this week with the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One versions. How cool is that?! Whether Twitch Drops will be available across all Twitch streams or just the Legacy Live stream from the game’s developers on May 5 at 9 am PT is not yet known. We’ll have to wait a bit! Regardless, Merlin’s Cloak will be available if you watch the Legacy Live stream and possibly other Twitch streams as well.

Check out the official announcement on Hogwarts Legacy’s official Twitter account:

What are your thoughts so far about Hogwarts Legacy’s development?

What’s the deal with the robe? Well, apparently, there is no other method to unlock this robe. So, suppose you missed the Twitch Drops the first time around; you should know that the next event offers you a second chance to get the robe. Make sure you mark your calendar not to miss anything!

However, if you miss this second opportunity, Twitch Drops won’t come back, even though the Nintendo Switch version’s July 25 launch may bring about a comeback. Quite tough, isn’t it?!

Hogwarts Legacy definitely knows how to steal the spotlight. That’s why it is necessary to focus on the next event. The game is available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5. This list will soon include the PS4 and Xbox One starting on May 5, while the Nintendo Switch will join the team on July 25.

The now highly-acclaimed game was a massive hit when it was initially released in February for the PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, but seeing how things are currently, it’s really amazing!

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