Free ChatGPT on iOS by OpenAI – Here’s What You Need to Know


ChatGPT is now available for iOS users for free! OpenAI has just released the app, and soon we should also see it rolling on Android. The iOS ChatGPT syncs conversation history with the web (how cool is that?!), uses OpenAI’s open-source Whisper speech recognition tech smoothly, and, of course, it supports voice input. You can now download the software via the App Store on your iPhone or iPad. OpenAI claimed the app will be available in more areas this summer.

As we all have seen by now, ChatGPT has some strange issues online. The thing with the new iOS app is that it actually does come with the same problems on mobile. Quite disappointing, isn’t it?!

For example, ChatGPT has a peculiar yet intriguing way of coming up with various facts, which are pretty cringe-like. Another bug is that concerns over privacy exist. Luckily, the option to keep chats private was just made available by OpenAI. As a result, the app’s homescreen notifies users to be careful with what they share, especially “sensitive info.”

What are your thoughts so far about ChatGPT and its way of working? Do you think future updates will fix some bugs that make the software flawless?

Seeing OpenAi releasing ChatGPT for iOS is quite surprising but now necessarily unexpected. However, let’s get some things straight. If we considerin ChatGPT’s enormous popularity, everything actually makes sense. According to statistics, there are now millions of users (to be correct, 100 million users by January 2023) that use this AI chatbot like on a daily basis or at least weekly.

OpenAI also introduced ChatGPT Plus, a cool premium membership service, back in February. This feature comes with extra priority access, and one thing that’s really impressive is that the app replies are written in the company’s most recent GPT-4 language model.

Georgia Nica
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