Fortnite: Find the Force Quests and Rewards Complete List

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Find the Force Quests, a new series of tasks in the most recent Fortnite 24.30 update, offer all players sleek new cosmetics and skins with Star Wars prizes. We have been enjoying Star Wars x Fortnite crossovers for a while now, mainly because we get to chance to use Lightsabers and dress as our favorite Star Wars characters. How great is that?! Luckily, Fortnite knows exactly want do we want and offer us tons of free cosmetics, weapons, skins, and challenges every time a new crossover is introduced. What’s best with such challenges is that it helps us of a lot speed up the leveling process for our Battle Pass by getting those sweet XP points!

The most recent Fortnite v24.30 update has just added many Star Wars Force powers, exclusive Prequel Trilogy characters, and Rift encounters with those characters. But there’s also a brand-new set of quests dubbed Find the Force that waits to be completed! What are you waiting for? Check out everything below.

Fortnite Find the Force Quests

Probably the best thing out yet in Fortnite when it comes to Star Wars is the recent quests for each movie in the Prequel Trilogy and the Find the Force Quests that are divided into three main groupings. Don’t forget that you have time to complete them until May 23 at 9 AM E; eachh wave of Find the Force Quests will also be released from time to time.

Just click on the Jedi icon on the Menu Tab to the right of the Play button to access the Find the Force Quests.

Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite The Force Within Quests

These are all The Force Within Quests in Fortnite, along with their rewards:

Fortnite Begun the Clone Wars Have Quests

Fortnite Fall of the Republic Quests

Fortnite The First Galactic Empire Quests

Fortnite Find the Force Quest Rewards

Credit: Epic Games

Here are all the incredible Find the Force Quest rewards you can get by collecting enough Galactic Reputation Tokens:

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