Fortnite Season 7 – Cosmic Summer Event Teaser Shows Valuable Information On PlayStation Store

Fortnite data miners regularly provide big news regarding the game.

Nearly everything that has been announced or introduced in the game is usually found by data miners.

They can discover whenever new skins are coming, what Limited Time Modes are being added, and even the season’s theme.

The new leaks analyzed the Cosmic Summer event of Fortnite.

There is a chance that Fortnite’s Cosmic Summer Event will be tied with the live event from Believer Beach that will come soon.

The concert may start the Cosmic summer in Fortnite.

The event may start the Cosmic Summer in the game.

It was leaked on the PlayStation store, and players are hyped for what will follow.

A theory suggests that the Believer Beach live concert and likely destruction of Coral Castle are tied has gained even more momentum.

Thanks to the leak that Coral Castle’s days are numbered, it appears that the event will kickstart that modification to the map.

As TheFoundoFN_7 suggests, Coral Castle isn’t the same as it used to be.

That is likely related to the leak regarding its destruction.

This is the official tweet from the developers of the game:

That is very likely as it matches with the season that we are in – summer!

Numerous gamers are out of school and making the most out of the summer break, so a summer setting makes sense.

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