Fortnite Mending Machines – Season 7 Locations And More!

Fortnite Season 7 saw the introduction of a plethora of new content, challenges, and weekly guests.

There are numerous enjoyable activities to get hooked up on, and Week 1’s challenges got players tasked by Rick Sanchez, the popular animated character, to go on the hunt and interact with the Mending Machines.

Mending Machines are a variation of the previous vending machine that we’ve seen in past seasons.

Alongside Weapon-O-Matics, Mending Machines use materials you collect during a match in exchange for valuable items like weapons and some consumables like medkits or shield potions.

There is a chance that the weekly challenge you get from Rick Sanchez will task you with going to one such Mending Machine to purchase a shield potion.

In the past, the challenge rewarded players with 30,000 EXP, which is convenient.

Using the mending machines is simple, you only need to approach them, press the interact button, pick the item you desire, and confirm the purchase!

To purchase shield potions, you must use Gold Bars.

They are easily obtainable by completing tasks from NPCs and interacting with them.

A small shield potion costs 30 Gold Bars, while a large potion costs 120 gold bars.

Most of the Mending Machines can be found at the main points of interest of the game.

These are the Mending Machine locations available this season:

  • North of the small bridge out of Slurpy Swamp, right in front of the player, at the gas station.
  • Between Slurpy Spamp and Misty Meadows. The road out of either location will get you past the Mending Machine
  • West of Steamy Stacks -> take the road out of the POI and go right. Turn right another time and keep going until you reach the small gas station.
  • There is a big bridge at the East of Pleasant Park, inside of a truck stop.
  • Pleasant Park – Just to the East edge of the POI, in the middle. Go out of the gas station and into the right side of the building.
  • East of Corny Complex -> go over the bridge where you will notice a gas station.
  • Lazy Lake -> Go South-West of the POI, just outside the gas station.
  • Holly Hedges -> West of the POI, under the gas station awning.
  • Catty Corner -> South of the POI, close to the rear side of the gas station
  • Boney Burbs -> To the East of the point of interest. Go inside the gas station, and you’ll see it under some hanging lights, next to a chest.
  • Believer Beach -> On the North East side of the point of interest, in front of the gas station.
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