Fortnite Pickle Rick – How to Unlock the Back Bling For Free?

Source: Epic Games

Pickle Rick is now available in Fortnite as the newest back bling! Unlocking the item will allow players to complete the brand-new Horde Rush Quests. How cool is that?

Rick and Morty’s huge success is based on its plot twist, alternate dimensions, and, of course, the exploration of alien planets. The TV show has also gained popularity in the Fortnite ‘verse, with Rick Sanchez appearing in Chapter 2, Season 7’s Battle Pass.

We’ve compiled a sleek guide of everything you need to know, including how to unlock Pickle Rick. Check it out below!

Fortnite Pickle Rick: How to Unlock It

Unlocking Pickle Rick in Fortnite is pretty easy! First, you need to complete the new Horde Rush Quests.

Doing that will grant you the Pickle Rick cosmetic right away, which you’ll find in your locker. Cool, isn’t it?!

Source: Epic Games

Now, talking about the Horde Rush Quests. There are 9 such challenges that you have to complete also to score some sweet XP (up to 20,000 XP/ quest). Check them all out below:

Fortnite Horde Rush Quests: What to Expect

There are 9 Horde Rush Quests available for all players to complete and earn XP and the Pickle Rick back bling. The challenges include:

  • Earn an x50 KO Streak (1)
  • Collect score multipliers (20)
  • Open chests in Horde Rush (45)
  • Get headshots on Cube Monsters in a single match (70)
  • Eliminate ranged Cube Monsters with Sideways weapons (100)
  • Eliminate Cube Monsters (500)
  • Deal melee damage to Cube Monster spawners (6,000)
  • Earn a Team Score of at least 350,000 in a single match (350,000)
  • Earn 2,000,000 combined team points (2,000,000)

The Horde Rush Quests seem pretty much approachable, don’t they?! All these new quests are now waiting for all Fortnite players until November 15, 2022, at 2 AM ET. That means we have only two weeks to complete them.

Stay tuned for more sleek Fortnite news and tips!

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