Fortnitemares Quests: Check Out All the Free Rewards

Source: Epic Games

Fortnitemares took the Island by storm with its sleek Halloween-themed stuff, including some cool quests you don’t have to miss!

The limited-time event comes with plenty of themed weapons, spooky skins, ghosts, zombies, and, of course, free rewards. Curious about what Fortnitemares 2022 has to offer? We’ve compiled a sleek guide on everything you need to know, including the challenges and rewards.

What Are the Fortnitemares Quests?

This year, Fortnitemares kicked in with much Halloween-themed stuff, including some cool quests that can grant you free rewards. Check out below all the quests:

  1. Help defeat Inkquisitor at Grim Gables (1)
  2. Purchase a shotgun from Ash Williams (1)
  3. Ring a doorbell until it breaks to get a treat (or a trick!) (1)
  4. Hit an opponent while Wolfscent is active (1)
  5. Dance with Chrome Punk (1)
  6. Dance on an Alteration Alter to get the Howler Claws (1)
  7. Purchase items from Curdle Scream Leader (2)
  8. Acquire the Zero Point Pretzel effect (3)
  9. Dig up and collect Terrifying Tablature in a single match (4)
  10. Search chests at Grim Gables, the Reality Tree, or the Knowby Cabin (5)
  11. Hunt zombies or zombie chickens (5)
  12. Destroy haunted household furniture (7)
  13. Destroy objects with a Pumpkin Launcher (13)
  14. Deal shotgun damage at the Knowby Cabin, Willow’s Haunt, or Grim Gables (50)
  15. Help defeat Willow at Willow’s Haunt (1)
  16. Read epitaphs at different goofy gravestones (5)
  17. Gain a speed boost by eating Pepper Mint candy (2)
  18. Throw candy from a vehicle (3)
  19. Destroy jack-o’-lanterns with a ranged weapon (5)
  20. Gain shields with Jelly Beans (30)
  21. Honk a vehicle’s horn at Grim Gables and the Knowby’s Cabin (2)
  22. Dance at a lit campfire at night (1)

The Fortnitemares Quests are available every day starting 1 AM PT/ 4 AM ET/ 9 AM BST until November 1, 2022. The time is indeed limited, so you better hurry up and complete all the quests!

What Are the Fortnitemares Rewards?

Completing Fortnitemares quests grant you some sleek rewards, as you can see below:

Notably, completing 5 Fortnitemares Quests can bring you the Everything’s End Glider, which looks like a really sleek item! Also, completing 15 Fortnitemares Quests will offer you the Chrome Cage Back Bling, while completing 25 challenges will come with the coolest reward of them all: the Unmaker Pickaxe!

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