Fortnite Brings Dragon Ball’s Goku Black – Watch the Evil Saiyan Powering Up in the Game

Credit: Toei Animation

Fortnite adding Dragon Ball-related content doesn’t represent anything new. The devs from Epic Games have brought Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and Bulma to the roster for the players to enjoy. As for now, the game will kill two birds with one stone by adding both Goku Black and Zamasu, as a previous article from our publication shared the news.

Goku Black is the evil doppelganger of the true Son Goku that every Dragon Ball fan is crazy about. The franchise’s hero had plenty of evil counterparts, and each of them has his own unique characteristics. You might say that Goku Black is the most evil one if you’ve seen the Dragon Ball Super anime. Well, you know what they say that it takes one to know one!

Jokes aside, for now! The official Twitter page of Fortnite has shared a little footage of Goku Black pumping up his muscles in the game. The evil Saiyan raises the stakes up to the Super Saiyan Rose transformation, which grants him powers that are comparable with Super Saiyan Blue level. Goku Black surely keeps his chin up and won’t go away without a fight, so you’ll have plenty of trouble if you stumble upon him!

Goku Black will likely be a formidable foe in Fortnite, but you know what they say that ignorance is bliss. The character was introduced back in the Dragon Ball Super anime when he fought alongside the evil god Zamasu. Goku Black was in fact also Zamasu but from a different timeline. The deity stole Goku’s body in order to obtain even more power and also the ability to become stronger after every defeat. Later on in the show, Goku Black and Zamasu used the fusion technique to become Merged Zamasu.

We can realistically expect that even more Dragon Ball characters will jump on the bandwagon and be implemented into the famous battle royale game Fortnite. Stay tuned!

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