Goku Black Zamasu Skin Leaked to be Featured in Fortnite

Credit: Toei Animation

Get ready, Dragon Ball fans, because it’s about to get hot! Fresh leaks hint at the arrival of a long-awaited Dragon Ball character in Fortnite. We all love the characters from the well-known franchise, and soon Zamasu, ala Goku Black, is expected to land on the Island. How cool is that?!

Naruto Shippuden, Dragon Ball Super, My Hero Academia, and now Attack on Titan are just a few of the well-known anime series that have found their way into Fortnite ‘verse. But, the Dragon Ball Super collab, one of the most popular anime series ever, was a favorite. The famous Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud Mythic weapons were also in for grabs, which was pretty impressive! How’s Goku Black Zamasu different this time around? Check out below for more details!

Goku Black Zamasu Skin in Fortnite Chapter 4

Soon, Goku Black Zamasu, the main enemy from the popular “Future” Trunks Saga of Dragon Ball Super, will be accessible as a Fortnite skin. The best thing is that the character will actually be the fifth in-game skin based on the anime series.

What are your thoughts about Goku Black Zamasu in Fortnite?

Thanks to Fortnite tipsters @FN_Assist and @ShiinaBR, and others, too, we get to see quite a glimpse into the Goku Black Zamasu’s future in Fortnite. Check it out below:

According to the fresh leaks, the Goku Black skin, which is codenamed DualParadox, is actually anticipated to launch today (May 9). One of the main reasons is to celebrate the Goku Day. Well, that’s definitely calling for a cool celebration!

Other leaked things about the Goku Black Zamasu’s arrival include a “Pink” selectable variant of the skin (quite impressive!), which will definitely represent the character’s energized nature and a Pickaxe. The skin is rumored to feature the same sleek 2D-anime-inspired look, known as a Cel-Shaded structure.

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