Fix Annoying Error Finding Match in Pokemon Go: Step by Step Guide

The Season of Legends aired in Pokemon Go last week and added a lot of new sleek content to dig in. From changes in spawn areas, season-exclusive Special Research tasks, to new Legendary Pokemon, you should check out the new update.

But with so many things to do now, the number of players increased, too. That caused some matchmaking issues that there are hard to ignore. Luckily, the following step by step guide might help you fix the error. 

Here is what you need to know.

Error Finding Match: What’s This

The annoying Error Finding Match message pops up in Pokemon Go right when a player starts a Go Battle League match with another player. The game becomes unavailable in linking two players for their battle.

Similar to other matchmaking systems, both players need a reliable internet connection to compete. So, matches can be influenced by a lot of outside factors as well.

Whatever the reason is you’re getting the Error Finding Match message, here are some useful tips and tricks you might want to try out and fix the issue.

Step 1: Check Your Internet Connection

Reconnect your Wi-Fi network or cellular service to solve the issue. Sometimes a bad internet connection might be to blame.

Step 2: Clear the Game’s Cache On Your Device

Go to your app’s settings on your Android device and clear the game’s cache. If you play Pokemon Go on an iOS device, you’ll have to delete the app and reinstall it (make sure you’re connected to the Game Center to avoid losing any game data).

Step 3: Check the Game’s Servers

Check Pokemon Go’s official Twitter to see if there are any updates on server status. If the game’s servers are down, you pretty much can’t do a thing. Issues like this are usually over in a few moments or hours.

Step 4: Restart the Game

Restarting the game is a classic solution that might be useful now. So, try turning the app off and on again and see if it helped.

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