System Shock 2’s Gameplay Reveals Key Stuff – Watch Trailer

Irrational Games/ Looking Glass Studios

System Shock 2 has already stirred quite the buzz, and there’s no wonder why! Nightdive Studios has released a better version of the 1999 sequel along with the System Shock remake, and a recent trailer offers us a cool glimpse into the upgraded version. Are you excited about System Shock 2’s big launch? Check out the System Shock 2 trailer below:

A picture-in-picture comparison of the game’s introduction and the cut sequence from the first sequel can be seen in the trailer. The exclusively new and enhanced version is so great because it actually gives the older game a little modern push. However, even if this is not a remake, it somehow keeps the cult hit’s iconic appearance, which for fans this, is key. On the other hand, it is clear that some changes (much-neeeded) have been made, particularly in the area of character models.

What are your thoughts so far about System Shock 2?

We are also looking forward to the official System Shock remake, of course! If you don’t know, the game’s release date was just announced. What’s great about this remake it’s definitely its redesign of the original game in the series.

The System Shock remake will finally kick in on May 30, and it aims to bring back all the good ol’ memories, potentially giving it a second opportunity to have a huge effect on FPS gaming as a whole. Wouldn’t that be just amazing?! Considering the new developments and techniques, both games, the remake and System Shock 2, should skyrocket when it comes to features. However, the most important thing here is that the original game’s new development by Nightdive Studios will undoubtedly pique the interest of many veteran players, so the wait is clearly worthwhile.

System Shock will finally air on May 30 for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S. Stay tuned for more details soon!

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