Dream League Soccer 2023 10.230 APK Adds Improvements and Fixes

Credit: Apple's App Store

If you like football and gaming, the chances are pretty high that you’ve been thinking of having both at the same time. That’s why playing Dream League Soccer 2023 can be very entertaining, and guess what? The game has now been updated to a new version!

Dream League Soccer 2023 has now reached version 10.230, and you are free to grab it in APK form. In fact, those willing to get the new update can grab either the simple APK file or the APK bundle with 19 splits that are currently available. The decision is yours!

What’s new in Dream League Soccer 2023 10.230

The new version of Dream League Soccer 2023 brings both gameplay improvements and bug fixes, and that’s all we’ll get from the patch notes. The devs don’t tell us anything more, which means that it’s up to the fans to discover by installing and running the new update.


Dream League Soccer remains one of the best football simulation games that work on Android phones. The game is also available for iPhones. As you probably already know, you can download Dream League Soccer 2023 from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Here’s a relevant description of the game, courtesy of the Google Play Store:

Dream League Soccer 2023 puts you in the heart of the action with a fresh look and brand new features! Build your dream team from over 4,000 FIFPRO™ licensed players and take to the field against the world’s best soccer clubs! Rise through 8 divisions whilst enjoying full 3D motion-captured player moves, immersive in-game commentary, team customisations and much more. The beautiful game has never been so good!!

There’s no use being concerned that you won’t get to run the new version of Dream League Soccer 2023 as long as you have an Android phone. The game is compatible with any version of Google’s mobile operating system released in recent years. In other words, all you need is Android 5 running on your phone.

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