Dragon Ball Z’s Super Saiyan Goku Articulated Figure By SH Figuarts Launches

Credit: Pixabay

Dragon Ball Z action figures generally sell like hotcakes, and it’s amazing that they still face huge success even though decades have passed since the debut of the series. SH Figuarts is one of those numerous companies in charge of creating action figures based on various anime, and Dragon Ball is also on the list.

Goku transforming into a Super Saiyan for the first time, back in the day during his first battle with Frieza, represents an iconic moment in the history of anime. It was only a matter of time until the beloved Saiyan’s transformation would be implemented in the 3D world through numerous action figures. Once again, SH Figuarts joins the bandwagon with another articulated Super Saiyan Goku figure, and we all have to admit that it looks pretty amazing:

The figure surely benefits from inspiration from the battle between Goku and Frieza that took place in Dragon Ball Z. That was arguably the longest fight in anime history, as it lasted for 19 episodes. Goku got almost all of his clothing destroyed, just like the action figure from above. Usually, when a Dragon Ball character becomes shirtless, you know that he means business!

Goku went a long road before he first achieved the iconic Super Saiyan transformation that makes his hair turn yellow. The beloved character had to train on King Kai’s planet, as well as on the Capsule Corp. spaceship on his way to Namek. Goku’s huge Zenkai boosts let some of his foes suspect that our hero had some kind of hidden power within him. Both Vegeta and Frieza have noticed it. Furthermore, the Saiyan Prince even realized that Goku was indeed a Super Saiyan even before the latter transformed into one the proper way. Frieza couldn’t bare the thought that Vegeta might be right, which is why the evil intergalactic emperor killed his former servant without mercy.


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