Bigger iPhones Starting 2024 – What to Expect From iPhone 16 Series?


Did you miss the Apple bit of the day? Well, lucky for you, we can’t get a day without some good Apple rumors. According to a fresh report, next year’s iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max would be bigger, better, and stronger; you’ve got the idea. They’ll practically feature increased displays and chassis that will definitely allow the periscope telephoto camera to fit perfectly. Also, a 12% bigger primary camera sensor has also been tipped.

Could a bigger iPhone really make a difference? Well, let’s hope so because nowadays, we have so many features they’ve just got to fit in somewhere.

Let’s delve into some details and find out the chances of seeing a bigger iPhone next year.

In a recent report, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg stated that the greater size of the iPhone 16 Pro versions might allow for enhanced camera technology or larger internal batteries. As you may know by now, the first periscope telephoto camera for an iPhone is anticipated to debut on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The periscope telephoto camera’s capability will only be available on Apple’s biggest iPhone. But, next year, the new generation of the iPhone 16 Pro series will both feature such camera capabilities. Therefore, the necessity for additional internal room to incorporate the periscope camera on the smaller Pro model can at least in part be used to explain the larger size of the next-gen iPhone 16 Pro. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

What do you expect from the iPhone 15 series? What features are you most excited to see?

The primary iPhone camera’s dynamic range and background blur will definitely need a bigger sensor. So, if you’re really into such features, size shouldn’t matter at all. Just imagine how much the low-light photography could be improved using the periscope telephoto lens! Also, bigger means more light to capture.

Georgia Nica
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