Dragon Ball Z Receives Original Japanese Sub on Crunchyroll

Credit: Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll now has Dragon Ball Z with its original Japanese subtitles in regions where people speak English, according to Polygon. This will be a great way for the fans to watch the anime in a more accurate translation.

The Dragon Ball Z anime ended after 291 episodes. In the final episodes, the show presented the adventures of the Z warriors at the Martial Arts Tournament and their encounter with Uub, the reincarnation of Majin Buu as a good person. At first, Goku and the gang were astonished at the incredible strength of Uub, who was way too powerful for a human being. After they found out who he really was, Goku decided to do some special training with Uub, so they both went to the Upper World.

Except for the anime, video games, and a multitude of toys and figurines, Dragon Ball Z also had plenty of movies: around 20. Oddly enough, the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ movie released in 2015 presented Goku and Vegeta achieving the Super Saiyan Blue form. That technique granted the two beloved Saiyans godly powers, and they were much more popularized in the Dragon Ball Super anime, the show that set the story at some point in the 10-year gap from Dragon Ball Z, meaning after the Buu Saga and until the last Martial Arts Tournament.

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Fans need to keep in mind that there are some exceptions, however, as not all English-speaking regions receive the subbed DBZ anime via Crunchyroll. Those exceptions consist of the UK, the Nordics, and Ireland.

Dragon Ball Z never dies, and it’s getting a lot of attention even today, over three decades since its original premiere. Most fans consider the anime highly superior to Super or GT.

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