Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 95 Focuses on Orange Piccolo

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If you’re aware of the story of the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie that came out in 2022, you also know the drill with the term ‘Orange Piccolo,’ regardless of how much it may amuse you. That’s right, the famous Namekian from Dragon Ball has reached a new level of power, making him even stronger than Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue transformation.

The Dragon Ball Super Manga now recreates the story of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, allowing the Z warriors to confront the Red Ribbon Army and Cell Max once again. Chapter 95 is now coming soon, and you must be aware that there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

Chapter 95 focuses on Piccolo and Gohan fighting the Gamma androids

Chapter 95 of the Dragon Ball Super Manga shall be called ‘The Ultimate Teacher and Pupil,’ and it focuses on the battles that Piccolo and Gohan have against the new powerful androids created by Dr. Hedo of the Red Ribbon Army. Those androids are Gamma 1 and Gamma 2.

Thanks to GameRant, we can learn about what we can expect from Chapter 95 of the Dragon Ball Super Manga. It seems that Piccolo will once again pump up his huge muscles to achieve the hilarious Orange Piccolo transformation, which will allow the Namekian to teach some manners to the new androids.

The fight between Orange Piccolo and Gamma 1 won’t be too different from how it happened in the movie. The famous Namekian will pose as a member of the Red Ribbon Army for a short time in order to infiltrate himself into the company’s headquarters. Piccolo will even give his old pupil Gohan a helping hand.

Piccolo asked the Eternal Dragon for more power in order to overcome the new threat. While Goku and Vegeta will be left aside for this arc, it will be up to the Namekian and Gohan to try to save the day from Gamma 1, Gamma 2, and Cell Max.

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